Ferretti Yachts 500 begins a New Era.


Ferretti Yachts 500 begins a New Era.

The new range will showcase a completely revolutionised design, interpreting the “JUST LIKE HOME” philosophy that will distinguish all of the fleet’s models.

The new Ferretti Yachts philosophy is here, and it has so much to offer to anyone looking for an unparalleled thrill. The traditional Italian luxury yacht brand, a global nautical leader, is indeed announcing a complete style revolution.
This challenge will be taken on by Ferretti Yachts 500, based on the “Just Like Home” philosophy, expressing a life at sea that is the perfect combination between style and comfort. The revolution begins from the strategic 50-foot segment, but it will sweep through the entire range, including the fleet’s new flagship.
With a completely updated design, both projects are the result of the partnership between the Strategic Product Committee, the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department, architect Filippo Salvetti for the exteriors and the design studio Ideaeitalia for the new interior concept.
And it is precisely in the interiors that the souls of the new Ferretti Yachts models will be represented by two different moods. A classic line with warmer, more enveloping tones and another more contemporary one, with intense tones, both designed to suit the tastes of international customers.
The new Ferretti Yachts 500 project stands out due to the spaces designed to offer an enveloping sense of well-being, through carefully selected, high-quality furnishings with an Italian flair. Owners will be able to choose from two different layouts on the lower deck. The first features a spacious master cabin and a VIP cabin, both with their own bathrooms, in addition to a small laundry area. The other layout includes a master cabin, a VIP cabin and a double with two single beds, and two bathrooms with a separate shower.
A yacht inspired by an advanced vision of sailing, in which nautical adventure and the domestic realm fuse together in the comfort of volumes and features generally found on larger yachts, within a familial environment that makes guests feel right at home.
The new Ferretti Yachts 500 will make its official debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2020.

Ferretti Group conquers Boot Düsseldorf with 2 exceptional Premieres and important new projects.<br />


Ferretti Group conquers Boot Düsseldorf with 2 exceptional Premieres and important new projects.

The Group inaugurates 2020 in grand style, presenting the world premiere of the new Pershing 7X and the Riva Dolceriva premiere for the German market.

In 2020 will also make their debut the highly anticipated Riva 88' Folgore, the Ferretti Yachts 500 and the 48 Wallytender X. The "TØ project" range for Pershing and the Ferretti Yachts 1000 projects will complete the novelty parterre of the next production lines.

Düsseldorf, 20th January 2020 - Innovation and nautical avant-garde are the key words with which Ferretti Group presents itself at BOOT 2020: the most important European nautical event of the winter season, scheduled in Düsseldorf from 18th to 26th January.

Six magnificent yachts will be on display, among which the two premieres stand out: the new Pershing 7X, masterpiece of the 'X Generation' unveiled in world premiere and the already iconic Riva Dolceriva, making its debut on the German market.

A true evolution, from both a stylistic-functional and a performance point of view, the new Pershing 7X extends the brand's current range, becoming a competitive product in the market segment above 20 metres. Produced in carbon fibre, it adds important aesthetic innovations to the typical Pershing styles, without sacrificing high technology and high performance.

Officially presented in Germany also the Riva Dolceriva, the 48-foot open yacht characterized by a brand-new exterior design developed by Officina Italiana Design, which has inaugurated a new stylistic course for all Riva yachts.

The BOOT was also an opportunity to announce six new projects, which mark the Group’s entry into two new market segments with high potential: outboard and sailing. During the press conference, Mr. Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, spoke about the over €200 million invested in the last 4 years, which generated 90% of 2018 revenues, mainly thanks to the contribution of new products. The positive trend is confirmed also in 2019 with an order intake of 691 million Euros, +20% compared to 2018 when the order intake was 574 million Euros.

The new concepts confirm the Ferretti Group's determination to face new and strategic challenges. Pershing's new "TØ project" range redefines the boundaries of the market segment between 25 and 40 metres; the new Ferretti Yachts 500 and Ferretti Yachts 1000 are the watershed of the new era of the brand, which will have in Ferretti Yachts 1000 the new flagship. Also, Riva will expand the fleet with the innovative 88' Folgore and Wally will explore the world of outboard propulsion with 48 Wallytender X.

Alongside the premiere Pershing 7X and Riva Dolceriva, four very successful models were exhibited:

● Ferretti Yachts 670 and Ferretti Yachts 780
● Riva 90’ Argo
● 48’ Wallytender

At BOOT the Ferretti Group continues its collaboration with important luxury partners: the aim is to make the experience unique and memorable for visitors and owners. Jaguar Land Rover is the exclusive official automotive partner; La Scolca, Gavi's wine cellar, will delight visitors with its selection of fine wines; Seabob will display its limited edition models made specifically for the Group's brands; Mogi Caffè will delight guests with the best Italian blends; Flos and 8-Light will supply refined lamps and LEDs; Slam will provide the uniforms of the Ferretti Group crew.

Ferretti Group is the superstar at Boot Düsseldorf with a fleet of 6 yachts, including a Pershing World Première and a Riva Première for the German Market.<br /><br />


Ferretti Group is the superstar at Boot Düsseldorf with a fleet of 6 yachts, including a Pershing World Première and a Riva Première for the German Market.

The Group opens 2020 in grand style with a product world preview and the announcement of the new and eagerly awaited “TØ project” range, both for the Pershing brand.

Forlì, 13 January 2020 – Ferretti Group continues to triumphantly ride the wave of cutting-edge nautical innovation, lining up a fleet of 6 fabulous yachts in Düsseldorf. There will be two premières: Riva Dolceriva, making its debut on the German market, and a world première, a Pershing Generation X model in the 50-to-70 feet segment.

BOOT, to be held from 18th to 26th January, is the ideal stage for presenting a preview of the latest news and flagship products of the new nautical season, thanks to the significant numbers: over 1,800 exhibitors, 900 of which from more than 60 countries.

The crowds flocked to the magnificent stand (Halle 6, stand D28) thanks to the innovative concept featuring original and welcoming lounges, each dedicated to one of the Group’s brands, and a very spacious VIP area complete with cocktail bar.

The two premières will be accompanied by a number of the Group’s hugely successful models:
• Ferretti Yachts 670 and Ferretti Yachts 780
• Riva 90’ Argo
• 48’ Wallytender

As always, the new projects will be presented during the inaugural press conference, featuring those from Riva, Pershing, and Ferretti Yachts, in addition to the ones already announced in the last few months, like the long-awaited TØ project. Pershing’s new range redefines the boundaries of the 25-to-40-metres market segment, revolutionising the concept of sports yachting and setting game-changing standards of yachting pleasure, with strong points like high technology, unrivalled performance, and the unique style created by Fulvio De Simoni. The appointment will also be an opportunity to look back at the past year and forward to 2020.

At BOOT 2020, Ferretti Group’s partnerships with prestigious Italian and international brands will continue:
Jaguar Land Rover, official automotive partner; La Scolca winery of Gavi will enchant visitors with its selection of fine wines; Seabob will display its limited edition models created ad hoc for the Group’s brands; Mogi Caffè will delight guests with the best Italian coffee blends; Flos and 8-Light will furnish exclusive LED lamps; and Slam will supply the uniforms of the Ferretti Group crew.



Born of the collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the firm headed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta that has designed the entire Riva fleet for over 25 years, and the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department and Product Strategy Committee, Dolceriva is 14.92 metres (48 ft) long with a full beam of 4.26 metres (14 ft).
The latest spellbinding creation by Riva is a 48’ open yacht designed to offer unrivalled on-board comfort. The objective is to challenge the market segment with a series of unprecedented features: a brand new exterior design developed by Officina Italiana Design, which ushers in a new style philosophy for all Riva models; a perfectly optimised use of all the on-board spaces; and an exciting array of details that pays homage to the brand’s incomparable heritage.


Resulting from the collaboration between the Fulvio De Simoni’s design studio, the Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee, led by engineer Piero Ferrari, and the Group’s Engineering Department, the new star of Generation X expands the Brand’s current range, entering the over 20 metres market segment with a competitive product that embodies a genuine evolution from the point of view of style and functionality as well as performance.
Carbon fibre, the primary construction material, was the inspiration for the concept of a design focused on greater weight reduction, also by means of various construction solutions. The design of the sleek, sporty exterior adds considerable aesthetic innovation to the quintessential Pershing style. In addition, the first unit introduces a new colour for the hull and superstructure. The storage areas and space have been increased, without any compromises in terms of performance or the inclusion of high-tech features. This Pershing will easily attain a top speed of 50 knots (preliminary data), in absolute comfort and complete safety, a testament to the sporting vocation of Generation X.

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