Infynito 80 Project

For people who love the sea without boundaries

Sustainability criteria, more covered exterior surface area and continuity between interiors and exteriors are the key features of INFYNITO 80.


Environmental friendliness

INFYNITO 80 also features the Group’s F.S.E.A. technology (Ferretti Sustainable Enhanced Architecture), a package of environmentally friendly cruising solutions. They include an integrated system that stores the solar energy collected by the photovoltaic panels installed on the hard top in an Energy Bank, which consists of 14 high-density lithium batteries that deliver more energy at the same time as guaranteeing a favourable weight-power ratio.


Unique and inimitable characteristics

INFYNITO 80, a solution with above-average covered exterior space, enabling owners to enjoy the yacht in all seasons and weather conditions but without sacrificing direct contact with the sea, the surrounding environment or the sun.

The hallmark of the range is its iconic covered terrace, sheltered by an extension to the superstructure for protection in all weather conditions and total privacy.


A new place to live in

INFYNITO 80’s interior design builds on the sustainability solutions adopted for INFYNITO 90, which are the key plus point of this range. From lamellar teak and eco-friendly paints to regenerated leather and other recyclable materials, everything is designed to offer a yachting experience that fully respects the environment.

There was also a special focus on the use of green materials, such as natural and bamboo fabrics, regenerated leather and recyclable materials.

The iconic Ferretti Yachts moods mark also Ferretti Yachts INFYNITO 80. Classic, which taps into earthy elements, and Contemporary, featuring glowing woods and fabrics in fresh hues inspired by the colours of the sea. Both moods create a sophisticated aesthetic in functional and efficient spaces designed for owners who increasingly see their yacht as a new place to live in, as if it were an extension of their home.



23.7 [m]
77 ft 9 in


6.36 [m]
20 ft 10 in


MAN V8 1200


21 [kn]


16 [kn]

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