The sea fills your eyes and your heart when you’re on board vessels by Ferretti Yachts, which has always made the pleasure of yachting the key consideration in the design of every single detail. This outlook gives rise to environments that are conceived to offer maximum liveability, with design solutions that make the most of the spaces available and produce the perfect blend between practicality and style. Marvelous medleys of lines, materials and sophisticated furnishings come together to give a unique sailing experience, with panoramic views opening up even from inside thanks to large windows that let in all of the charms of the deep blue sea.

Every cruise is a chance to get up close to the wonders of the sea with complete peace of mind because Ferretti Yachts designs its yachts according to “Design Category A - Ocean” which certifies the strength of the hulls in all sea conditions, as defined in Directive 2013/53/EU.
State-of-the-art technology and ergonomic solutions ensure that noise emissions are controlled pursuant to ISO 14509 and guarantee excellent maneuverability, easy maintenance and maximum safety.

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