Innovative choices, outstanding production quality and technological know-how: Ferretti Yachts epitomizes quintessential Italian nautical intelligence and embodies the exceptional standards for which it is renowned.

Ferretti has introduced numerous brilliant, pioneering features that have revolutionized the pleasure boating world and set new benchmarks. Starting from the tilting window between the lounge and cockpit, submerged discharge systems, F-tdr (Ferretti Trim and Drag Reduction). Continuing with large windows fitted into the hull, XFT (Cross Fibre Technology) and Infusion lamination process, Stabilization systems at anchor and cruising, electro hydraulic active steer-by-wire systems. Today, besides constantly developing and updating previous innovations, the latest achievements regard: Integrated Monitoring and Navigation Systems, joystick packages for easy docking, the Interactive Digital Manual and recently patented solutions like the Submersible Hatch, the Multifunctional Ceiling System, which combines LED lighting design and the diffusion of sound and air conditioning.

Presently Ferretti Yachts innovation aims at improving the interface with and usability of yachts and at enhancing the spaces and comfort on board studying new layout solutions and the application of latest technologies.

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